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Bachelor of Business Administration


BBA Syllabus

BBA 1st Semester:

BBA-N101 Business Organisation
BBA-N102 Business Maths
BBA-N103 Principles of Economics
BBA-N104 Book-Keeping & Basic Accounting
BBA-N105 Business Laws
BBA-N106 Fundamentals of Business Management
BBA-N107 Business Ethics

BBA 2nd Semester:

BBA-N201 Business Environment
BBA-N202 Business Communication
BBA-N203 Indian Economy
BBA-N204 Principles of Accounting
BBA-N205 Organisational Behaviour
BBA-N206 Business Statistics
BBA-N207 Presentation & Viva Voce

BBA 3rd Semester:

BBA-N301 Advertising Management
BBA-N302 Indian Banking System
BBA-N303 Human Resource Management
BBA-N304 Marketing Management
BBA-N305 Company Accounts
BBA-N306 Company Law
BBA-N307 Viva Voce

BBA 4th Semester:

BBA-N401 Consumer Behaviour
BBA-N402 Financial Management
BBA-N403 Production Management
BBA-N404 Sales Management
BBA-N405 Research Methodology
BBA-N406 Operations Research
BBA-N407 Market Survey Report Project Evaluation & Viva-Voce

BBA 5th Semester:

BBA-N501 Managerial Economics
BBA-N502 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgt.
BBA-N503 Income Tax Laws and Accounting
BBA-N504 Cost & Management Accounting
BBA-N505 Industrial Law
BBA-N506 Fundamentals of Computers
BBA-N507 Environmental Science
BBA-N508 Viva Voce

BBA 6th Semester:

BBA-N601 International Trade
BBA-N602 Strategic Mgt. & Business Policy
BBA-N603 VAT & Service Tax
BBA-N604 Management Information System
BBA-N605 Auditing
BBA-N606 Fundamentals of e-Commerce
BBA-N607 Project Report & Evaluation
BBA-N608 Comprehensive Viva-voce